Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Work

The responsibility for the day was to remove these poles and move the dog pen behind the shed thus given us more yard room and a cleaner yard. It would have been so much easier if someone would have brought over a super-duper heavy duty hydraulic power lift with a multi-positional pole remover! But no, no one came over with such a crafty tool, so you guessed it, I had to break out the two muscle-bound levers (HA HA) with the attached ten gloved-covered fingers to do the work. So here goes:

The start of the project with nine impending poles.

Digging deep.

One of the last poles being removed with Trenton looking on,
thanks for the support big guy.

OOPs! Got a little to close to the pole, Sorry!

My machine actually worked better than expected (it has a
tendency to break down occasionally) and all nine poles
were out in about an hour! Breaking off the cement took a
little longer and was not fun.

A lot of help he was.

One of the hired hands being distracted.

Now when this job started, it was supposed to be just a pole
removal job. However, I got a little over zealous and actually dug
holes for the new pen. Then I thought, why not at least put the cement
in so they are ready for the fencing later when I get to it. Then the kids
were out, so we decided to move the big and heavy dog house which was
an interesting challenge but was accomplished after much effort.
Then I said to myself, "Self, why don't you put up at least part of the
fencing since it is still early and not raining yet." So the kids and I started
putting up the fencing. Next thing you know, Marsha came out
interrupting her busy day and decided to help finish up, and before
I knew it, the job was done. And there is the finished product or at
least the one side of it. Job well done, and thanks to the kids for all
their help.

And this was all done by 4:00 so that we had time to get cleaned
up, break out the grill, and celebrate Memorial Day American
style, hamburgers and hot dogs.

I am absolutely tired since the super-duper hydraulic lift machine
was not brought over, but it has been a wonderful day.
It is now 7:10 and I think it is time for bed!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Musings - Memorial Day

Today I was asked to sing a special song for our Sunday morning service and the song was "It Has Always Been the Soldier." This was a new song for me so I spent a considerable amount of time learning the tune and rhythm and was not really listening to the meaning of the words. But through the course of this process, the words began to have their impact. One line in particular simply states, "freedom isn't free" and obviously refers to the many soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom.

You see, I wasn't born in this great country but as a young man with my family became a citizen of the United States of America. I probably took that day for granted as just another day in my life, but over the course of years, that day has taken on new meaning. I love this country in which I live and I admire the men and ladies who paved the way for what I enjoy. I now stand with envy as I look on and honor those who have served and bow my head in silence to those who have given their all.
My freedom wasn't free, it came at a great cost to many and I don't ever want to take that for granted.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Let me share a little secret with you, if I may?! I LOVE looking at other people's blogs anonymously. I especially love looking at decorating blogs. I wish I could look at something at the Thrift store and say, "Boy, that would really look good...." or "I could paint this, turn it upside down and hang it from the ceiling and it would look....". But, I am not that type of person! I like looking at something and then I want to go out and buy the exact same thing! I love to move my furniture around, but I am not sure how else to move them! Poor Bryan! He'll come home from work and I will have moved something and all that he can do is just shake his head!! My children love to change things around too. But, my creative juices are very slow going! How can I speed them up? I would love to have Ty Pennington come to my house and change it all around. Yeah, like that will ever happen! I would love to have any one come to my house and change things, but no one is volunteering! Oh well! Life just keeps moving along! Maybe one day I will wake up and I will have become someone new ~ like a professional decorator!~ don't think it will happen!

If I could leave you with one of my favorite links then I would! But I have too many to count, plus I have students coming for lessons in like 5 minutes!

I have to go and brush my teeth since I just ate lunch!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Musings

Today is what Tomorrow will never be and the Past has been swallowed by its grasp and is no more. And yet, Today has control of Tomorrow as well. What a powerful tyrant Today is. You can't escape it, run from it, nor hide from its presence. Because as much as you may dislike Today, it will grab Tomorrow and suddenly it is Today again. So you might as well live Today as if Tomorrow is not going to happen, because if you fail to live Today, Tomorrow might never happen and the Past will again be but a memory. So what are you doing Today to make it special thus making Tomorrow brighter and the Past a sweet memory?

Just leave a comment so everyone knows what you did to make it special.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ya Gotta Love Kids

How many times have you wondered, "WHY DID I EVER HAVE KIDS, LET ALONE FIVE?" Well, I have on several occasions, like more than once, like many times. Maybe I am alone here, but at least I am being truthful. Tonight was one of those moments, however, when suddenly all became clear to me, or, at least one reason became clear as to why we had kids. As I stood on our back porch and watched the Mean-Green-Grass-Killing-Machine do his thing, I said to myself, "Self, this is why you had kids!" and I turned around and walked back into the house Grass and Sweat Free. Ya Gotta Love Kids!

A nicely finished yard! Way to go big guy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Queens without Crowns

There is no long procession, no tell-tale sign that a person of honor is walking nearby. No regal dress or royal robes; no crowns or tiaras are visible. The flashbulbs from the cameras of the paparazzi are not blinking with approval or excitement. The secret service have not been called for protection and there are no guards standing in the background keeping a watchful eye. There is no hint to the honor and esteem that is gracing their very being. All seems to be as normal as a robin on a spring day hopping through the fresh green grass. And yet, when we truly see who they are, we find there is nothing normal or common about them.

For you see, down through the centuries of time, there have been many miniature processions of the pitter-pat of little feet following them through every corridor in the home and every pathway through the garden. Flashbulbs have flashed from loved ones capturing their every move, smile, tear, and expression that has crept across their face or tired brow. Their hands have not signed laws or decrees, but they have signed their name to the greatest calling on earth, and with little training use those hands to caress and hold and heal. God's angels have always been in the background keeping a watchful eye of every step they take for He knows beyond our understanding the majesty and worth that they possess.

Oh, at first glance, with human eyes, we often miss the royalty of who they are. We miss the majesty of their presence, the splendor of their being. But on this day, this one special day, we don't need eyes to see. Our memories come to life and suddenly we realize who they are and the high place of honor they hold. It's not that we have forgotten, but on this day, time seems to stop as we recall and relive those childhood days when all was at peace because they were near, that's it, simply near.

No, our Moms are not politicians, soldiers, lawyers, doctors, or even presidents. They are simply who they are and yet so much more. Not one of us could ever describe our Mom with words, and yet in our minds, they are the best, the elite, God's special gift, they are Queens that wear no crowns!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Fun

Ok, here is the low down. It has been a busy week and I had no time to post or get Starbucks or even anything nourishing. (I am loosing weight so fast on this diet, however all gifts will be accepted.) My fingers are killing me from clipping coupons and I go to bed with filing them stupid little suckers on my brain - nightmarish. On top of that, I had to work, actually work, and take care of my wife and five kids. Gracious! Then Cordell and Bev, my sister, and her three boys arrived for the weekend on their way to Michigan to be with our parents. So as you can see it has been absolutely crazy. And then the kicker, I have to be at work by 10:00 tomorrow morning, when am I going to get any sleep. Oh well, to those who have it easy, bless you! Some of us just don't have it that way. Here are a few pics of evidence and thankfully I stopped Marsha before she ate the whole bowl of Taco meat!