Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Copper has been Un-Coppered

Remember that little puppy we had several months ago, well she is almost full grown and full of fun. The problem lies in the fact that she, Copper, is a female (duh) and our other dog, Samson, is a male. History came along and told me that if I keep these two together much longer we would soon have little Sampers running about, which we did not want. (My wife and I had a similar discussion after our fifth litter.) Anyway, the deed is done and she is progressing well. However, for the next several days she must stay clear of Samson and the rough play that usually follows when the two of them are together. So here she is recovering from surgery and enjoying the warmth of home. My wife is tolerating this but not necessarily thrilled. Ironically, she had to give Copper a blanket lest it get too cold for her last night (67 degrees) even though she has been sleeping in 10 degree weather for the last month outside. Go figure!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hard at Work for Valentine's Day

These were not passed out to any boys that I am aware of!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ending of Another Peaceful Sunday

Fire burning cheerily,
Children in bed quietly,
Marsha thinking beautifully,
Me watching romantically,
Day completed restfully!

Sunday School??

What child, or adult for that matter, likes to get up on a cold Sunday morning and go to Sunday School? Not many! Most churches no longer put an emphasis on Sunday School and even fewer families are concerned about it. I think it is becoming evident in our holiness churches as well. Why is that? May I give you some of the excuses (er, reasons) I have heard:

  1. It's to early - but if skiing, or the amusement park, or vacation is planned, early is not early enough
  2. It's to boring - well then teach the class yourself or maybe your boring too. This morning I blew up Soda (Pop) cans to talk about God's power. COOL! This brings us to the next point
  3. I am too busy to teach - BLAH, BLAH, BLAH - I leave for work at 7:30A.M. and often do not get home until 8:00P.M or 8:30P.M. and on Saturday nights not until 7:00P.M. and sometimes 6 days a week (you count the hours for yourself). We also have five children (count them yourself) to get up and get ready and yet we are always there ready to teach or be a part of a Sunday School class. Don't talk busy to me!
  4. I work in a Christian environment and Sunday I need a break-Good for you, it is still a job, Christian or not. What you do during the week has no bearing on what you should be doing on Sunday. Get over what you do and become available to your local church.
  5. I don't want to - Thank you , at least be honest!
Well, there you have it, a new blog entry. (The opinions expressed here are the opinions of the blogger and not the opinions of many.)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

All right, All right!!

I have been informed by several individuals that this blog must be updated. I get the point! I never realized that so many people were interested in the things we do here. There, it has been updated!