Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twins Turn!!

Today was a day to think back. It was fourteen years ago that I hurriedly took my wife
to a large country Amish house in PA and there in that little back room she gave birth with my assistance, haha, to our first children, Breanna and Brittany. I was privileged to hold Breanna first because for some reason my wife really did not care about holding anything, mainly because their was still another child to arrive. Thirteen minutes later Brittany arrived and I held her first as well, and for the first time, I held my twin daughters. What a moment! (This moment has now lasted fourteen years though I don't hold them like that.) They were less than 4 pounds for a while and looked liked little rats, thus our blog name. (Actually not their faces, but their little bodies and wrinkly little skin on their arms.) Well, now they have matured and no longer remind us of that, but in our eyes, beautiful young ladies. We plan on marrying them off next year. Just kidding! Anyway, what a joy they have been and so we celebrate today what God sent our way fourteen years ago. Happy Birthday girls!!!

At times we wish we would have had all girls!! Just like
his mom!

Breanna trying to get out of the camera's eye!

Me, wondering why we had boys? Shaking my head in disbelief
at our youngest.

Brittany trying to hide as well. Notice mom's corrective hand.

I made this at Walmart!

Breanna in pink and Brittany in green.

Opening some of their cards!

For their birthday present, they wanted us to
redecorate their room. Not sure what all will be done,
but we will allow them to pick out the colors and
fix it according to their tastes! Any decorators, please come
and help!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Marsha's Best Friend?

Marsha was asked to dog sit for her best friend and so she agreed. Now you have to know my wife. She is ok with dogs, but really does not like them in her house, but she can manage. Anyway, because it was her best friend the little dog came over and you will not believe what happened. They became instant friends much to Marsha's chagrin.

Anywhere Marsha went, the little guy went as well.

If Marsha was in the kitchen, so was the little dog!

At the table, likewise the dog.

Bet you can't guess where Marsha is? Ya gotta love
the irony of life!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friendly Neighbor?

We were so happy to know that a new neighbor had moved in until my wife found out and she said she was going to kill him! Wow! Prayer could be offered at this time for both the neighbor and my wife!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Musing

If you should ever come to our house on a Sunday, here is a sampling of what might occur on any given one. For most, unfortunately, it is a day of relaxation, not at our house, it is a day of service and worship. For those of you who feel that you fulfill your Christian responsibilities throughout the week and Sunday is a day off, SHAME on you! What I do during the week has absolutely nothing to do with what I do on Sunday. By the way, I have two full time jobs and one of those is in Christian Service.
And so here we go!

Breanna and Brittany applying the last touches.

Zac finishing up his Cheerios.

Brooklynn ready to go and waiting for the rest.

Trenton heading out the door.

My wife, well I could spend a lot of time here telling
you what I think of this fine, fine lady!

And me, moving on...

A small herd of deer across from the church when we
arrive. The one off to the right is a nice little buck.

Getting ready to teach my Sunday School class.

Now I am leading the worship service.
We started acapella with "Come Holy Spirit."
Then "Holy, Holy, Holy." Followed by "We're
Marching to Zion." And finally "My Jesus, I Love
Thee," and we went into "I Love You, Lord"
acapella to end our worship service.

Marsha playing for one of the special songs this morning.
Both specials were outstanding. Boy she is good
and lovely and.....oops we are in church.

Today was fellowship Sunday with "Dinner on the Ground."
The ladies are setting up and getting ready to serve.
It was excellent food today. Wow!

We had four extra kids come home with us today after
the meal. So much for napping!

Having fun!!!!!

Now I am getting ready for Junior church. Bet you
can't guess the theme.

Unfortunately we cannot set up a lot because we have
to take it down every week because of the gym being
used, but we do the best we can.

All the children have arrived, I think we had close to 70.

Telling the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and To bed i go
using helpers to illustrate the story. Don't often do it this
way but it worked well tonight.

Who knows what I am doing here but I am sure it was
good! Ha!

Anyway, what a wonderful day it was and I am glad it is
now over. Our family had church today, I hope yours did
as well. And should you come next week to our house,
guess what, you are going to get more of the same and it
never gets old. That's my story and I am sticking by it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Father-Son Camping Trip

Two weekends ago our church had a Father Son Camp Out at a local state park. I took off with Zac and Trent and we had a great time. I went skiing for the first time and Zac and Trent went tubing. What a blast! I actually made it up on my third try and did pretty well after that with no bruises to show for it. Trent wanted to go tubing by himself but I thought it best that I go with him. Zac did great by himself. The campsite was perfect and the evening was ideal for camping. What a great weekend with the guys from church.