Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beautiful Winter Wonderland

Our Anniversary Trenton's Birthday

March 6th, 1993, was a special day for my wife and I as we celebrated our wedding day. It is hard to believe that it has already been 15 years since we were married. What great memories we have had during those years. Later this year we are going to celebrate our 15 years together by flying to Cozumel, Mexico, so we did not have a big celebration on our anniversary; we just reminisced about many of the high and low points that we have gone through together. Some of the highlights was having our five children. Trenton was our last little "rat" of the pack and he came along on March 7th. He is so happy that he is now 7 years old, and we can hardly believe he is that old already.

Trenton is special in so many ways; one, because he is the caboose (for which we are grateful). And then second and as a prayer request, Trenton has seizures. Since he has been two, he has had to battle seizures. Now don't get overly concerned about us, we have learned to adjust and know what to look for. Some will not understand this, but sometimes he is so funny while having a seizure, his mind is working and he knows what he is supposed to do, but his little body will not cooperate which at times causes him to do funny things. During those times, we carefully guard him, laugh at his antics, and then love him when it is all over. At other times, it can be a little frightening, like the other day, when he went to get the cereal out of the cupboard which requires him to get up on a stool to reach the door. However, he apparently had a seizure while trying to reach the cereal and ended up falling off backward and landing hard on the floor. Thankfully, he did not hit his head or hurt himself in any way. Again, as in other times, we picked him and placed him on the bed until it was all over. As the case with any other parent who has a child with a physical difficulty, don't have pity, God made him this way for a special reason and we love him so very much. Now, that does not mean that we would not take a miraculous healing from God on his little body; so when it crosses your mind, say a prayer for our little guy.

We celebrated these two big days by going out to CiCi's Pizza, Trenton's choice. What a great two days it has been.