Saturday, February 24, 2007

A great day to relax

It has been a busy past week or more. I am in the process of getting my HS choir members ready for competition! It has been crazy. I always get 'witchy' during this time and I warn them ahead of time that 'it' is coming! They always do well, but I want great. This choir seems to have it more together than my other ones. We will see.

I have been enjoying my extra long weekend. We are off school on Friday and Monday because of College mid-winter break. It has been nice! I have been just lazing around in between doing loads of laundry. The children are enjoying their extra days off by playing outstide with Samson, jumping on the trampoline, getting dirty and giving me more clothes to wash! That is life in the Potteiger household!

This past Sunday 2 special ladies gave me belated birthday presents! Boy was I surprised. It is always great to get things on your birthday, but I really like getting them later too! It just draws out the celebration! *-* Thanks Nila and Viola!

this is Zach and Trenton jumping! Brooklynn took this pic with her camera from Christmas! Not bad for a 'newbie!'

Brooklynn asked me today when I was going to do those exercising tapes! What is she trying to tell me?! She always wants to do them with me! She really is like me! *-*

Thursday, February 1, 2007

What a Day!

January 31st has come and gone! I am now another year older! Whew! It is so hard to believe!
It started out with me getting up earlier than normal because 2 of my children
had to go to the dentist. This is Trenton- definitely not a happy camper!

Then I made it back to school around 10:00 a.m. and talked with my friend!
(very busy!) I did go and weigh out here and I lost 5 lbs WHOO- HOO!
Then I went out to eat with some of my students! They treated me to Olive Garden and a gift card to Cato's! Here is the back drop to the story:

A couple of weeks ago one of the students was given permission to take me out to eat, all she wanted was for me to chose where to go! Now for people who know me well this is a silly question! My answer was- "Taco Bell"
or "Skyline Chili". I know that I am a boring person so she asked me if I had a favorite fancier restaurant? That was hard for me because I really am happy with my choice of Taco Bell or Skyline Chili! So I decided to name a few others - Fazoli's, that pizza buffet one, and I can't think of what else I said! So she asked if I like "Olive Garden". Sure I like Olive Garden, so that was where they decided t
o take me! We had fun. We left at 11:30 a.m. and got back to school at 2:05 p.m. Service was slower for that big of a group! Here we are after eating!

The students being goofy- which really isn't that hard for them! J/K
I truly do love to teach them! They are a fun group of kids!!
They also gave me a gift card to Cato's. That is a good place to shop. None of
their clothes are very expensive and they now have Juniors. Okay, obviously not for me but for my girls! Here is what I bought- already!!

I bought the 2 shirts with their money and Bryan bought me the skirt plus..........................................

Perfume!!!!!!! Amarige by Givenchy! This is my favorite perfume!!! I was thrilled! Again folks, it really doesn't take much to make me happy!! (not the Aveeno- more about that in a sec)

Bryan did take me out last evening after school and we went shopping and then to Chik-Fil-A, since I had a big lunch.

He treated me to a massage after we got home and put the kids to bed! It was simply marvelous!! I have always wanted to go and get a massage but never felt comfortable. I think some holiness person should start a business and call it ........ well I don't know, but something good! (he even massaged my feet! I was a happy woman last night)!

One thing I have noticed since progressing past the 35 mark is that my skin is different. What I used before (oil of olay) was not doing a very good job. So I decided to branch out! Dorcas B. used Aveeno lotion and I tried it and loved it! So I bought the mositurizer, face wash and weekly scrub thingy. I really like it! My face feels really soft! And I feel that my complextion is smoother. (might just be all in my brain tho') I just thought I would share with you ladies they are 'maturing'.

Char, thank you for remembering me on "your" blog!! I sure do look up to you!!