Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moving on Up!

Do you all remember the song off of the Jefferson's? Yes, we had a TV growing up and I loved watching that show! Plus you might have heard Mark Lowry sing just a snippet of it! Anyway ~ we are moving tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! We are moving from a blue house to a yellow house! Friday was my last day of homeschooling!!! Whoo Hoo!! Everyone was excited, except Trenton! He said he wanted Mom to teach!! How sweet!! But, he is going to school! *-* The kids are nervous, yet excited! It is always scary to go to a new place! It is ACE, except K-5 and 1st grade are ABEKA. God has worked out lots of things which we give Him all the praise!! I am still packing, packing, and more packing! I will be glad to unpack! So, today is a long day. I want to get everything finished except the frozen food and refrigerator stuff ~ that will be tomorrow! I'll try to update once we get Internet up and I get some pics!! Have an awesome day!

Goodbye big blue house!
You brought us lots of
happiness for a big blue house!
I loved that you had so much room,
a lovely laundry room,
a beautiful living room,
a cozy family room,
and room for all five children
to have a good time!
The yard was amazing,
the children and the dogs
loved to play in it!
Thank you for opening
your many doors and
windows to us!
We will miss you
big blue house!!!!
Please make the next family
feel as welcomed as you
made us!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Prayer

Lord, I lift to You the situations of my life that concern me. I lay my worries before You and ask for Your mighty intervention to show me what's right when I can only see what's wrong. I am determined to see the good, so help me not to be blinded by my own fears, doubts, wants, and preconceived ideas. I ask You to reveal to me Your truth in every situation. Give me Your perspective. Bless me with the ability to understand the bigger picture and to distinguish the valuable from the unimportant. When something seems to go wrong, help me not to jump to negative conclusions. Enable me to recognize the answers to my own prayers. I trust You to help me see the light in every situation.
~taken from the book"Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On" by Stormie Omartian

I have been trying to do this! Just leaving everything in God's hands, without my impute!! That is really hard! But, I noticed when I kept my mind and mouth out of it ~~ He answers prayer! Now, I know we all know this is true, but why is it so hard to learn!! We had two answers to prayer yesterday, and I am expecting more in His time!!

Have an awesome day friends!!