Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bryan's dad

Bryan's dad had to have a quaduraple bi- pass this morning! Thankfully he is doing well. Please keep the family in your prayers. Bryan, Char and Bev are there with Mom. Mom is holding up well.

Trenton's hospital stay

Trenton on the way to the hospital. We had to take him in to children's for a 3 day stay to video monitor his seizures. They did take him off his meds to hopefully force him to have a seizure so they could see what was happening to his brain. Thankfully he had 1 on Saturday morning. They were able to get a good read and we go on June 13th to see our neurologist. He did awesome at the hospital. He sat in his bed and played with the toys some kind people brought him and he watched cartoons. He also loved making the bed go up and down and ordering room service. He loved their food!! We thank the Lord that he did have a seizure so they can better treat him.
Getting wrapped up
Putting his hat on

Wrapping the cords
Here they are trying to give him an IV, but his veins kept blowing
cool dude!
cutie pie!
unwrapping him
his last meal! fruit loops and a fruit roll up!

Bev's surprise 40th!!

My hubby
Mom and Sindy Replogle
Dwight Replogle, Char and Dave
Bev and her 40th cookie!
Anthony being himself!!
Andrew and Tyler
Breanna, Brittany and Alicia
Christi and Brooklynn
Cordell and Beverly
the sisters being "weird"

us 4 ladies doing something!*-*

the new and improved David!!!!

We had a good time and we did surprise Bev!! Happy birthday!

Our trip to West Virginia

My nephew Seth

Brian praying
The Senior class gave all their parents a flower
Brian David Gawthrop
His girlfriend Kasha
the twins looking thrilled!
and Zachary too!
a small smile from Brooklynn
a big grin from Trenton
what is Bryan thinking?
my adorable nephew Seth
twins- who is who?
Trenton being goofy
Zach and Seth
My side of the family!
We had a great time! It is always nice to be with family!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

High School Junior/Senior Banquet

The banquet was held at Higher Ground in Harrison, Indiana. We had a nice time. After the banquet we went bowling, but I forgot my camera!! Here are some pics of the students!

Janice and Steven The Senior Class of 2007

Seth and Rachelle Moses

Tara and Nataniel Nate and Kristi

The High School Faculty
Tim Crater, Mr. and Mrs. Crosley, Mr. Taylor, Rachel, Mr. Alexander
Steve Klotz, Andy Parriman, Me and Kristin Foster