Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prayer Request!

I desire you all to help me pray please!

We are desiring to move from this beautiful home that we believe God gave us to move to Marion, Ohio. Why Marion? We have been attending Heritage Bible Church where Bro. Brugger pastors. We love the church and best of all they have an ACE school there. Bryan would be working in the school once we get there. He does have to take the course requirements to be the administrator. Right now Stephanie Brugger is filling in- which she does a marvelous job! We do know that even if that would fall through, that God wants us there. We love and appreciate the Bruggers~ they were my pastor during High School years. Bro. Brugger is the one who encouraged me to sing high! Anyway, we have had our house up for sale since the end of May. There have been some people checking it out, but nothing. We are trying to trust God, yet there are days!! So, if you that read my blog would not mind breathing a prayer to God, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

I do know God answers prayer in His time!! We would love just a hint!! *-*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Addition to the Family

What can we say, we have added one more to the family, Copper, our new Pit Bull. Now before you get all exited and worried that all our children will loose their heads or fingers, rest assured it will be all right. She is a wonderful puppy and came from great parents.

I was at work and had to go to an apartment to pick up some merchandise that was past due.
Sadly, a father had deserted his girlfriend and daughter. She met us at the apartment and told us that there was a pit bull inside. Needless to say, in my job, that is a concern. However, when she opened the door, a very friendly mother and 8 puppies came running out. They were happy to see people. She said that they had been left in the apartment for two weeks when he decided to leave.
The apartment was in an extreme mess from nine dogs and no attention for two weeks. But the dogs were adorable. She asked if we would take some because she did not know what she was going to do with 8 puppies.

After seeing the temperament of the mother and asking her about the father, I was convinced I needed a puppy and our children are extremely glad. She has been a great addition and getting lots of love and attention. By the way, if you read up on Pit Bulls, you will find that they make great family pets if raised properly, which of course, she is getting a Christian up-bringing!