Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Double Date

Ok, everybody (that means our 3 visitors) calm down. I know the posts are flying off the press right now and it is more than some can handle. I trust this one will not overdue it. To go along with that, a new template that will probably not last long at all. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, on Saturday my wife and I had a date with another couple, thus a double date. Josh and April Siders invited us to go with them to hear the Collingsworth family in Cincinnati. Of course we agreed. On the way, we stopped at Olive Garden for a wonderful meal.

After the fulfilling meal, we visited a Christian bookstore to see the latest releases and then made our way on down to Cincinnati. The concert was great as was to be expected. Also, we were able to see some of our close friends and family members. All three of my sisters were there so we had a short little reunion. Also, my mom's Brother, Wife, their son Brent, and his family traveled down from Canada so it was a great time of catching up with each other.

This is what my wife and I looked like after a five hour concert taping, we are getting too old for this. And this is what my nephew, David, and Brooklynn Collingsworth looked like after the
concert, and she sang all night. Why do they look so good after the same amount of time?

I was planning to take pictures of the concert and the gorgeous Music Hall, but some woman said there was to be "NO PHOTOGRAPHY"! I think it was Brenda Herring because she was running all over the place taking pictures and no one stopped her at all. I guess she's a little selfish when it comes to fancy pictures. Oh well, maybe if conviction hits she will share some of them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Church Picnic by the Pond

Kevin and Julie Welch, who attended the church while living here, came back to visit for the weekend. So we had a church gathering out at the Cressman's beautiful property and in particular back by their pond. What a perfect night for a spring cookout. The pond was inviting and the kids could hardly wait to get out in the boats and splash around while the men and ladies just stood or sat around and chatted. The simple buffet consisted of the traditional entrees of hamburgers and hotdogs over an open fire and of course all the fixin's. The evening sunset was gorgeous and the full moon added to the charm. The fire burning (which I somehow failed to capture) added to the final dimension for a great evening. If you weren't there, you missed it (think about that for a while).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Testing out a new design and struggling mightily!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Dear!

Okay! I cannot believe that my husband is not being consistent on this blog! He is really slacking. Oh, I guess I started it, but I sure would appreciate it if he would continue it! kind of just kidding!
Life is getting busier with my new friend April Siders, and of course her family, moving in the area! We are always doing something! She is an awesome lady and we can always find something to talk about! And the girl can sing like nobodies business. She is awesome!! I have prayed for a close friend that lives near me and here she is! I don't think she knows what she is getting into!
Anyway, we have joined the grocery game and are excited. Our husband's are thrilled with us trying to save money. This week I spent more than I usually do, but the meat deals at Meijer I just could not pass up! I will post pics later of what I purchased and the savings, etc.
I just checked my comments and could not believe the new people! Barb, who Bryan has known forever, and Karen, who I taught at Penn View!! I love finding new people. I also found my friend Tracy's blog, she lives in Alaska, and Garilee's blog. I always want to comment on people's blog, but I forget my sign in thingy! Getting close to 40 is doing something to me!! i love blaming it on my age, i try to get more sympathy!
The kids are on spring break this coming week so we are going to try and find something to do. I have to work 3 days, so IHC is out this year. Maybe next year.
Well...................... all else is normal as normal can be here! Oh, I do have 8 music students now and one of them is a lady at least in her late 70's to early 80's. She is a hoot! Thankfully she has taken before so I am just helping her work on some of her bad habits. I must say I do enjoy what I am doing! Life is interesting! I would have never dreamed that I would be staying home and teaching music in my house!
An update on Trenton. He has not had a seizure for 3 weeks now. He is doing good. I believe the medicine has finally taken affect. I would love to believe this is a miracle, but I am scared to think that. I know God has everything under control and most days I do good in leaving it in His hands. I never want to live without Jesus! God is blessing us and I thank Him!!