Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have been thinking allot recently about my words, thoughts and actions.  In today's world we have so many gadgets to keep us occupied.  We have so many things available at our fingertips now... and I can get so impatient if things do not go at my speed!  I tend to think, act, re-act, speak w/out thinking of others.  I am just thinking of myself.  If I am not pleased at something someone does, then I want to hurt them w/ my words, or actions.  This is not something that I am proud of, just trying to be open and honest. :)  Many times I have wished for the delete button on the computer/phone to undo what has been said or done.  I know many of us delete things for the purpose of not hurting someone, ashamed of what we have done, or just hiding what we have done.  I do know that one day I will stand before GOD and will be held accountable for what I have said or done.  You would think that this would change me, but, nope! it hasn't.  I long to trust more freely, love more wildly, be so much more giving....I want to be more of what Jesus would want and not Marsha.  This is some of my heart's desire.