Friday, January 11, 2008

Focus on the Family Broadcast

For those who may not have heard today's "Focus on the Family" broadcast, I encourage you to listen to it. What a powerful message of God's grace and how we should respond to difficult times in our lives by E.V. Hill. Tremendous! (Click Focus for link)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I know that this site is supposed to be light and fun with the purpose of allowing family members and others who may be interested catch a glimpse of our home life. Of course it can be interesting with five kids; like last night, when Trenton thought he would try riding down the stairs in a plastic container - what a ride he had with BIG, BIG eyes at the end. (I don't think he will try that again.) Once we discovered that he was ok, we laughed quite heartily!

But I want to share something that is slightly more serious and a determination that this family has made. This is for my family both here and extended and is certainly not to point fingers at anybody or any other family, this is our New Year's Resolution not only for this year, but for as long as God tarries. As my wife and I have learned in recent years, sometimes it is important to be held accountable to others; and so here for everyone to read, whether you care or not, we hold ourselves accountable to you.

Our New Year's Resolution is simply this - we are not about to change! Nothing wrong with change on most fronts. Change is what got us where we are today in our world. But when it comes to God's Holy Word and the precepts that are contained therein, we are not going to change. If you saw me yesterday and you see me five years from now, there will be nothing different. Likewise for my wife and, by the grace of God, the children we are endeavoring to raise. Standards are not everything and they can be interpreted in so many ways, but this family has made our determination as to what they are and we are not going to alter from them.

There will be no change to make it convenient, to make it easier, to make us fit in, to make what other people think should be or how we should live; none of that, simply a life that we feel pleases God. There will be no compromise on this front. Do I have scripture to support everything we do to the extreme we do it - no. Do I need it - no. Nor are we going to look into Scripture for areas that seem "fuzzy" so we can justify a position and make it weaker than it once was. What we are, we are. Today, tomorrow, and the next day as well. God has called us to be separate, and separate we will be.

Please do not think we feel or think that we are being judgmental of others who may feel differently or who have adopted change. That is not the case, this is simply our determination for our ourselves and our family and we place it here for all to read. Should we ever begin to change, we want you to be the first to hold us accountable to what we stated we will be. We ask that you will pray for us to be true to this determination and our New Year's Resolution.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Trenton Doing Dishes

After dinner today, Trenton proudly announced that he was
doing the dishes. Surprisingly, (ha, ha) there was virtually no resistance
from his other siblings. Matter of fact, they encouraged this
spontaneous act of generosity. One of the girls even said that
he was crazy, but it did not cause him to hesitate. So he
got the stool to reach the sink and off to work he went.
Mommy sure was enjoying this wonderful moment!!

Some Christmas Pictures

What a wonderful time of the year it was!!