Sunday, January 28, 2007

GBS wins!!

My nephews are awesome!!! GBS hosted 5 schools this past Thursday and Friday for a small basketball tournament. Last year they just won 1 game and this year- they were the champs!! It was so neat watching the students get excited over their classmates shots and stuff! (not sure of all the terms!) Anthony had two 3 pointers in a row! He was awesome! And David was jumping, shooting, and running around! I was a proud aunt. But, I did not bring my camera! I know, I know- not very smart of me! I would have loved to had a picture of Char jumping up and down and clapping her hands like a cheerleader when Anthony made those shots!! He was great!!!!!!!!

On Friday, the day of the tournament, I went to the dentist hoping to get a root canal, but not! My insurance no longer covers a root canal so I had him pull it! It is in the back! I have come to the realization that I am getting older and things are going bye-bye! Maturity is kicking in! Life does go on and it will just keep getting better and better! (everyone one over 35 yrs. shout 'amen'!)

Let it Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

The children enjoying the snow we had last Sunday! They decided to make a little family! They played outside all afternoon and I had a wonderful nap time!!

The front of our house!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Year 2007

This has been an exciting New Year already!
We left my parents on New Year's Day and Trenton
was not doing very good. (use your imagination)
On Tuesday all in the family was well.
Tuesday night! Zachary starts feeling sick!
Then Brooklynn comes down, she is not feeling well!
Then I start feeling sick, then Bryan! We all did somethings
except Brittany and Trenton! So the first day back to school
and Bryan's first day at his new job, we missed!!!
Crazy! Now we are all better, thank the Lord!!!
We started out fun!!!

Here is something that I thought was funny that happened last night.
Bryan and I just finished watching a video and I decided
to check our mail! Well there is something for Dr. Farmer
about a meeting we had. He was giving a prize to someone
who had the best suggestion.

Okay, here is the backdrop. We had a meeting Wednesday, and
anyone who had a suggestion was supposed to write down
their idea and whoever had the best one, they would
receive the prize! Well, I did not know that they would
go around the room and each of us had to say something!
My first comment to myself was, "You have got to be kidding me!
have nothing to say!" Everyone else was saying these interesting
things, plus they just know how to say them! I always get nervous
around most of the people that were in the room! They intimidate me!
Well I said my opinion, and it was about my weaknesses and on they went!
I have been beating myself up over what I could have said and all
that fun stuff!
Okay, back to Dr. Farmer's e-mail. He said, "I just want to report on the
winner with the best suggestion--------Marsha Potteiger". I started
laughing out loud and saying, "you can not be serious!! Look Bryan! I never
win anything, and when I don't try, I win!" Go figure!
So I won a $25 gift certificate to Moe's Southwest Grill. I do think that
it is cool. I have not been or even heard of Moe's but hey, my birthday
is coming up, so we will check it out!
I must say that the last something that I won was in PA in 1993 or 1994. I was
at Char's house and you could call in and win
tickets to this dinner and concert.
Char could not call in because she had already won things, which
she could do quite frequently (Grrrrrrrrr.) so she dialed the number
and I won! So Bryan and I went down around Lancaster and
we had dinner at a nice place with........I can't remember who was
singing, but Bryan and I were the ONLY young people there!
Oh well, free food and we had fun!!

You just can't beat those type of memories!!

Christmas Memories!!

Christmas memories!!!
Opening up their stockings!

Their Christmas present! Samson!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas day b
y ourselves! (the kids voted on staying home!)

On Friday we had the Potteiger's get together at Bev's, but my camera ran out of batteries, so not very many pics! Here are couple

Mom and Bryan's feet, Breanna, Christi, Alicia, Anthony, half of Dave! *-*

part of Char, Zachary, Brooklynn actin' goofy, Bev, half of Bethany and Evonne!
And that is all I was able to capture of the Potteiger's! David is supposed to be getting me some more!!! (hint, hint!)

Then we went to my parents in WV on Saturday for a get together! Here is some of my family!

Zach, Breanna, Seth, Brian, Trenton, Brooklynn, Brittany (we are missing Travis 'cause he was out coon hunting or something!)

My brother's boy Seth - He is such a cutie. Here he is in action!! We had lots of fun with him! I didn't get anyone else because I kept trying to catch him in pics!!

We are very thankful for each of our family members!! Great Memories!!!