Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marion Popcorn Festival Parade

I am so sorry for the long delay in posting and it is all
my fault. Life has been busier recently and this has been
put on hold. However, tonight I said I must up date
the blog. I will be adding some new posts as well shortly.
(As if anybody cares.)

Ok back to the topic. Our school recently participated in
the annual Marion Popcorn Parade in town. It was a lot
of fun for the students and myself as well. It was a great
evening that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some of
the pictures of this fun event.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun

What a wonderful weekend was had last week. My entire family came in for a special occasion and what a time we had. We do not have the biggest house so we had to quickly build some extra rooms and it all went well. There are 24 of us when we all get together so we need some space. Sunday night 20 were at our house, yeah!!! So what was the occasion, nope, not Labor Day though that was nice. It was for a baptismal service at our church for our children and 8 other nieces and nephews so that our Father could baptize them together! What an exciting evening.

Here is where we quickly added three new bedrooms
to our house.

Having one of our meals together at the church.

Brooklynn's turn

Brittany's Turn

Breanna's Turn

Then on Monday, our church has its annual Labor day
picnic. People come for fun and food and fellowship!
We had a good crowd.

Watching Bro. Brugger cook the chicken which was

Playing some games.

Our Pastor and wife and grandson.

My sweet wife having fun like a child!!