Saturday, April 28, 2007


We returned from Nationals in South Carolina on Friday and our onlyp.r. service that all of my choir students sing in was on Sunday. Here is a dark pic and our evening service. Then on Tuesday my HS students traveled up to IHC in Dayton to sing with the College. They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves. I have several newbies, so I was not sure how they would react. It went well.

Our family went up on Wednesday. My children really look forward to it. They get to see some friends and just walk around. I did forget to take my camera! Oh well. I did get to see so many friends that I have not seen in forever! There was a girl that I sang with our Freshmen year, Kathy Blair, who was there! That was cool. Then my friend Sharmen came up. We haven't seen each other for 2 years. She spent the night at my house on Friday evening, and we stayed up talking until 2 something! (at least I think it was that, maybe later!) It was great!

Now my Junior high students will be performing on Monday evening for the Spring Recital. I taught them another Latin song, Laudate Dominum. I had to enlist a few HS students to help me at the last minute. I will be glad to have this over! I am looking forward to life slowing down just a little!
Today is a gorgeous day and I have been enjoying it and plan to do some reading! Here is what Trenton has been doing a lot lately!

He has been sick with a cold! We take him in to the hospital the 1st of June for 3 days of observation. They want to monitor his seizures and see if they can help him more! Please remember him in prayer! He is my boy!! And boy, do I love him!!!


I am here among the living!! We have survived the past few weeks!

National Competition was wonderful! The students were awesome and I enjoyed a little break from teaching and mothering!! (Bryan's Mom took care of the children, which left me with no worries. She handles all of them quite well.) We did not place at National's, but we sure did enjoy ourselves. Dixie, Marjorie A. and myself shared a room with 3 BJU girls- they were awesome! We had lots of fun with them. I wish you, well some of you, could have seen me trying to get up on the top bunk bed! There was no ladder, so I had to stand on a chair to get up. Dear tiny, petite Marjorie came over and said, "Here, step in my hand and I'll help you up." Yea, right! I would crush her! Goofy, kind hearted girl! As everyone continued to watch me try to get up to my bed, I couldn't. I finally had to tell everyone, who were all laughing at me, to turn their heads! I asked Dixie to please come out and push my behind! It worked!! *-* I was a little nervous about getting out in the middle of the night to go.... you know where, but I did manage to make it without Dixie's help! It was funny! I think it is good to laugh at yourself, once in awhile! Here are some pics!

We all had a great time, beautiful weather and wonderful memories!!!